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Instagram Followers Booster Features

You can check below what the tool has to boost your account effectively!


This instagram follow booster feature auto follows according to your target that you set.


This instagram like booster feature auto likes according to your target that you set.


This instagram comment bot feature auto comments according to your target that you set.


This instagram dm bot feature sends auto DM with algoritms that you set.


Set hashtags/usernames/locations that include your target. Then tool goes on!


The tool has more than you expect! Just use and see how grows your instagram with this instagram booster!

Instagram Booster with Amazing Features

Set up Instagram Booster once and sit back, see yourself as soon as you've increased your real followers and sales.How to increase Followers with our Follow Booster ? There are many Instagram bots and tricks provider that tell you to increase number of followers and likes on instagram. And most of Instagram bots also make promises for you to see best results soon! We don’t do that. Our instagram booster knows that creating a good and trustworthy instagram profile using photos can take time. And our booster knows that you do not have that kind of time to take managing your social media account. Booster Instagram bot is a stunning tool that can show you even with your 3 days trial. Our cheapest Instagram bot warrants that followers that are your target or likes you get with our Like Booster are real and not fake followers by bots. The likes you get as well as targeted followers that you get are totally real people who are interested in your content of your account. Auto Instagram Booster finds people who want to connect with you and with your photos! Let's boost your account!

Instagram Auto Follow Bot & Unfollow Bot

Auto Like Bot & Instagram Comment Bot

Auto DM Bot & Repost and Scheduler

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What our users say

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I've started to use this instagram booster a week ago. The results are amazing! I gained 495 target followers in 7 days. My engagements are going up too! Thanks for such as amazing tool!


Stina Sallerstrom


I'm using this tool for 2 months. When I subscribed, my page had 6380 followers, I have now 16.783 target followers who are interested in Cruise. I'm thinking to use this instagram tool forever :)


Cruise Loves


Supporters are so kind. At first I could not use the tool but they helped me well. For 24 days I'm using this instagram follower booster and gained already 3833 real target followers. I suggest everyone who wants to boost instagram real way :)


Denice Thunberg


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Community growth and engagement are two important terms in the field of Instagram marketing. If you want to stand out in these two KPIs, you have to pay a lot of attention to creative content in the field of community management as well. Depending on the size of the Instagram channel, community management can take a lot of time, as there are ongoing inquiries, comments on posts, brands mentioned in posts by other users, and so on. A "little helper" in the form of an Instagram Bots can help to increase interaction, reach and community growth. However, there are some things to consider in order to build a high quality community.

What is an Instagram Booster and what features does it offer?

The Instagram Bot helps you to automate certain processes. This can be done, for example, by the automated commenting and liking of user posts and / or following / following (follow-unfollow principle) of certain accounts. Depending on the provider more or less settings options are offered. Also, the complexity of hiring and using an Instagram Bots varies from provider to provider. Some providers of Instagram Bots even use artificial intelligence (AI) and can thus capture your target group more precisely due to machine learning. You can find out more about this in the section "Provider of Instagram Bots".

If you research a little on the web, you will soon come across negative reviews. And these are (partially) justified! Because use of bots on Instagram is controversial, partly because; some users have had negative experiences (fake followers, other bots blow up their own account and get no engagement, etc.), the bot may be harmful to your account and your reputation if misconfigured The use of bots may violate Instagram policies and catapult your account to the Instagram blacklist, or in the worst case, ban your Insta account.
These experiences have for the most part one of the following causes; either the wrong provider was used or wrong settings resulted in "spammy" followers being flickered on or an Instagram account being disabled.

To be able to skilfully handle these experiences, we have listed attractive Instagram bots in the following topics as well as noted important tips and tricks. Let's go!

Tips and tricks for using Instagram Bots

With the following tips we bring your bot and your Instagram account on the road to success:

Know your audience

First, a detailed search is required. This is essential and brings you on the road to success. Put yourself in the position of your target group; what interests do you have? Which hashtags do you use regularly? Which accounts do they follow? Etc.

Important settings

If you are inexperienced in the use of Instagram Bots we recommend you to automate only the likes. Why? There is hardly anything more authentic than likes. In addition, you can not step into the faux pas here and get you. For example, if you automate your comments incorrectly, it may happen that your comment "Nice Post! 🙌 "depending on the image inappropriate and does not fit into the context of the post. In addition, such comments are very cheap on users and offer no added value. Therefore, in the Comments: quality over quantity.Decide yourself where and how you comment, this looks cool and authentic.

Other important settings include:

Ignore sensitive posts
Consider age of posts (prioritize recent posts)
Targeted Targeting: Demographic, Followers, Hashtags, etc.
Optimize until you drop
It is important to regularly analyze the activities of your Instagram Bots:
Which content will be given Likes, Comments? Do the new followers match my target audience? What further optimization measures can I undertake in order to get even more targeted at my audience?

Nice to know
Do not forget that the bot works like a dietary supplement; it is not intended as a substitute for your previous activities, but rather as a supplement. This means; The successful use of a bot stands and falls (along with the correct settings) with your content world. It must be authentic and recognizable, with the look and feel of your brand. With this mindset you have great chances of success and can use the Instagram Bot as a leverage for your account to catapult your Insta account into new spheres.

Instagram Auto Follow Bot & Unfollow Bot

Auto Like Bot & Instagram Comment Bot

Auto DM Bot & Repost and Scheduler

Let's Boost!